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Subverting Expectations: A Q&A With Comedian Jade Theriault On Disability And Performance

2019, Laura Dorwart, Forbes

Meet Jade Theriault 

2024, CanvasRebel 

Oakland Comedy Festival Celebrates five years as talent showcase 

2023, J.L. Odom, Bay City News Foundation

Episode 7: Jade Theriault 

2023, Mark Dittmer, Screenaholics

Interview with Jade

2022, Skinner, Hangin' with the Skinman, ep 14

Wicked Wisdom

2021, Luke Moore & Luke Neumann, Lukes of America, ep 7

Romantic Chorus, Jade!

2021, Julia Amigo, Nahia Film Fest

"6 Pizzas Later" (My 600 Pound Life Season 2) w/ Special Guest Jade Theriault

2021, Sarah Giambruno & Nate Spears, The Trash, ep 43


Now Playing! The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants 

2021, Michael Fox, KQED


2020, Emma + Fin, Normalizing Non-Monogamy, ep 157

Call Me, SBV

2020, Journey Roberts & Jade Theriault, Strictly Bad Vibes, ep 1


BART's new fare evasion gates difficult to access for people with disabilities

2020, Liz Kreutz, ABC7 San Francisco

Light Field Returns With a Reminder that Experimental Film is Alive and Well 

2019, Sarah Hotchkiss, KQED


Alex Mancini Photography | Beyond the Binary

2019, Alex Mancini Arts

Four Videos Show Why Medicaid-Funded Personal Care Services Matter

2017, Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund


UC Berkeley class prepares disabled students for competitive job market

2015, Yasmin Anwar, Berkeley News


Pop quiz: Westmont student gets grand surprise during government class

2010, Chris Vongsarath, The Mercury News

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