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Subverting Expectations: A Q&A With Comedian Jade Theriault On Disability And Performance

2019, Laura Dorwart, Forbes

Oakland Comedy Festival Celebrates five years as talent showcase 

2023, J.L. Odom, Bay City News Foundation

Episode 7: Jade Theriault 

2023, Mark Dittmer, Screenaholics

Interview with Jade

2022, Skinner, Hangin' with the Skinman, ep 14

Wicked Wisdom

2021, Luke Moore & Luke Neumann, Lukes of America, ep 7

Romantic Chorus, Jade!

2021, Julia Amigo, Nahia Film Fest

"6 Pizzas Later" (My 600 Pound Life Season 2) w/ Special Guest Jade Theriault

2021, Sarah Giambruno & Nate Spears, The Trash, ep 43


Now Playing! The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants 

2021, Michael Fox, KQED


2020, Emma + Fin, Normalizing Non-Monogamy, ep 157

Call Me, SBV

2020, Journey Roberts & Jade Theriault, Strictly Bad Vibes, ep 1


BART's new fare evasion gates difficult to access for people with disabilities

2020, Liz Kreutz, ABC7 San Francisco

Light Field Returns With a Reminder that Experimental Film is Alive and Well 

2019, Sarah Hotchkiss, KQED


Alex Mancini Photography | Beyond the Binary

2019, Alex Mancini Arts

Four Videos Show Why Medicaid-Funded Personal Care Services Matter

2017, Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund


UC Berkeley class prepares disabled students for competitive job market

2015, Yasmin Anwar, Berkeley News


Pop quiz: Westmont student gets grand surprise during government class

2010, Chris Vongsarath, The Mercury News

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