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Jade Theriault is a Forbes-recognized comedian who combines provocative thought with moving furniture. Jade, a borg, was manufactured in the Bay Area and is a regular at Alameda Comedy Club, The Punchline, Cobbs Comedy Club, Tommy T's, and the San Jose Improv where she opened for Jesus Trejo.  Festival credits include SF Sketchfest, The Art of Female Comedy Festival (Wichita, KS), Palm Springs International Comedy Festival and the Westside Comedy Festival in Santa Monica, where she was honored for Best Joke of the Night. Jade starred in Malic Almaya's "RUN!" (2018), featured in Jeff Giordano’s “Romantic Chorus” (2021), and was on an episode of MTV Decoded (2018).

Most recently, Jade featured in Troma's "Divide & Conquer" (2021) as an understudy for Ron Jeremy who was forced to resign from the project due to scandal. From 2019-2021, Jade clowned seasonally under the famed SF drag queen Peaches Christ.

Jade Theriault conceived of their act in a sweaty high school piano closet, anticipating a ride home on a smaller yellow bus. This led to a 12 year exploration of comedy, visual art, music, and feelings. When not anxious, Jade thinks about the future of Artificial Intelligence and becomes anxious again.

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