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To Whom It May Concern...

I am addressing this letter specifically to those who enjoy experiencing my work. It has been a truly enjoyable experience for me, to say the least. From the age of 9 to 18, I never imagined my life would turn out this grand and full of color. This past year, I got to travel sunny side south to perform at The Westside Comedy Festival in Santa Monica where I won Joke of the Night and watched grisly plastic surgeries out of my 4th floor hotel window to lull myself to sleep. I need me some more of that.

Eventually, I will need to skip town and bring the holy message of J.A.D.E. to the masses. If you want to see J.A.D.E. in your city, please consider donating to my performance fund.


Current goal: I am looking to purchase a good quality used accessible van with good mileage. The 10K goal is an average price for these types of vehicles but I will always aim for cheaper.

Thank you all for your ever-present love and support. Regardless of currency and capital, your existence will always keep me going.

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For you game-centric folk, here's a challenge. Each month, I will update you on how much of my hard-earned whoring money I have put into the fund. Whoever matches at least %50 of the monthly savings gets a commission from me. Your pick of either...

-An original signed painting
-A well thought out video answer to a burning question you may have.
-A CD mix of some of my favorite songs with original album art
-A comedy show for you and your friends at the accessible venue of your choice (Bay Area only).

For March I deposited: $500.
Minimum match: $250


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